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Solar powered toadstool house

Fairy houses > Solar fairy houses
Village kit for fairies
This Solar powered toadstool house is in the 'Cosy Corner Cafe run by the super friendly Mr Gnome. This gorgeous toadstool dwelling is a must for any fairy village with all it's super detailed features. This toadstool house stands on grassy base dotted  with flowers and foliage and a cute red bird house perches to one side of the arched door. Mr Gnome pops his head out of the shuttered window welcoming customers to the café and the café sign hangs at a jaunty angle from the side of the toadstool encouraging customers in.
This solar powered house chardges during the day via a mini panel and looks fabulous after dusk when light pours out of the windows, and s soft red glow emits from the toadstool roof.
Approx 25cm high.
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