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Mushroom cottages

Mushroom cottage fairy house in garden

This 18cm high fairy mushroom cottage is a super cute home for any discerning fairy family. It has an adorable front and back door as well as lovely latice-work windows. It's gorgeous mushroom cap roof boasts a lovely stonework chimney. This fairy house can be lit from inside with an LED tea light (included with your purchase) and used in or outdoors. This house also has a corresponding fairy door that can be placed indoors to create a secret passageway between the fairy house and fairy door, (See video for more info).

Mushroom Cottage.

With opening door

This product is unavailable.
€ 28.00 Add

Mushroom cottage fairy door

Ideal with mushroom cottage

€ 12.00 Add
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Striped gourd fairy door

Ideal with striped gourd house

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Traditional fairy door.

Traditional fairy door.

Complete with fairy bunting fairy dust and fairy mail.

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