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Fairy door pet set

Our handmade fairy door pet sets are an adorable fairy door accessory for any fairy lover! For those of you who are lucky enough to already own some fairy doors and have a fairy living with them, these cute fairy door accessories set are a fabulous way to welcome a fairy pet into your life. Somewhat similar to the way a cat flap works, this miniature fairy door lets your fairy pet come and go as they please between the human and fairy realm. You also get to name your fairy pet by writing their name on the sign provided, there are 5 different colours and pets to choose from.

This fairy door pet set comprises of a wooden fairy door, a wooden fairy sign and a cute little fairy pet. An ideal companion for your fairy, this set arrives boxed in descriptive packaging.

Fairy door ideas, Cute fairy door pet sets, an ideal fairy door accessory.

Pink fairy door pet set

With door, hedgehog and sign.

€ 8.95 Add

Purple fairy door pet set

With door, squirrel and sign.

€ 8.95 Add

Blue fairy door pet set

With door, owl and sign.

€ 8.95 Add

Green fairy door pet set

With door, cat and sign.

€ 8.95 Add

Red fairy door pet set

With door, badger and sign.

€ 8.95 Add
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