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Activate your fairy doors

Step 1
Install your fairy door in a location of your choice,
on the skirting board, a bookshelf or on the base of a tree is ideal.
Use glue or blu-tack to secure in place.

Handmade fairy door
Step 2
Entice fairies to move into your home by sprinkling the fairy dust provided in front of your fairy door.
When you notice footprints or the dust has been disturbed the next morning you will know your fairy has moved in!

fairy dust fairy door
Step 3
Celebrate your fairies arrival by hanging up the bunting provided with your door. This lets other fairies and humans know that a fairy is in residence!
fairy door late late toy show
Step 4
Activate communication with the fairy realm by filling out this online form. (Get an adult to help with this.) You will then recieve an official fairy welcome certificate and a  special letter direct from your fairy. you will also recieve regular updates about the goings on in fairyland and tips on fairy care.
fairy door late late toy shows

Step 5
Enjoy living with your fairy! Remember you can write to them via the fairy mail envelope provided. They may even write back. Fairies also love recieving little gifts which you can leave outside the door for them. i.e sequins, glitter, buttons and flower petals.They also love your drawings too.
Link for parents page here
Irish fairy door company set
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